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FLIP Flash Album Deluxe is an application that can help you create digital photo albums. With this tool you can design multiple flipbook style albums, and organize your entire photo collection this way.The user interface is clean and allows users to perform several actions on the go. It can work with a total of four file formats, namely JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP.You cannot drag and drop the files directly into the main window, so you should add them by using the built-in browse button. It is possible to add an entire folder to the list, delete the selected items, and select the order in which they should appear in the album by moving the images up or down.Moreover, this program offers many useful tools when it comes to editing the photos. It is possible to zoom in or out, switch to the pan view mode, and rotate, crop, scale and flip the pictures. You can save all the adjustments applied to your pictures to different file formats (e.g. JPG, PNG).You can customize the look of your albums by choosing a theme from a predefined list, adjusting the width and height of your photos and attaching background music. You can add any audio tracks, provided that the file format is MP3 or WAV.The application offers real-time preview, and it is possible to export the photo albums to HTML file format.All in all, FLIP Flash Album Deluxe proves to be a handy application that bundles many useful features for helping you create different photo albums.FLIP Flash Album Deluxe By the same author:Brilliant 3D Photo AlbumThe author of FLIP Flash Album Deluxe has come with another application, called Brilliant 3D Photo Album, that is also aimed at users who are looking to create digital photo albums.The application can work with a total of eight image formats, such as TIF, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF. You can edit each of the images by cropping them, rotating, moving, splitting, resizing, adding frame to the picture, adjusting the contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure and color, in addition to the use of image filters.There is also an option to convert the images to different file formats, such as JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, TIFF, XCF, and BMP.You can add background music, and the resulting album can support video, Flash or HTML files. You can also adjust 08929e5ed8

FLIP Flash Album Deluxe Crack Free For Windows

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