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Affiliate Program

Choose the level that works for you, and receive all these great perks:


Gym owners receive complimentary treatments from Natural Wellness Physiotherapy (with some limitations)

Coaches receive Free Evaluation and follow up treatments at discounted rate

Team Natural Wellness presence in their gym on a routine basis 1 or 2 times/month

Quarterly free workshops in the gym

Gym members receive ½ off evaluations or 10% off packages (whichever is greater)

Gym banner - signifying the affiliation

Team Natural Wellness at your large gym events

Swag collaboration


Gym owners get ½ off Natural Wellness Physiotherapy services

Gym flag/banner - signifying the affiliation

Swag Collaboration

Added to my team of affiliates on the website

Workshops at the request of the gym owner

Become an Affiliate of Streamline Physio

If you are interested in joining the affiliate program, please provide your information and we will be in touch soon!

Current Affiliates:

Join the Affiliate Program

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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