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5 Ways to Optimize Your Recovery this Off Season

The Spring National Championship and NCAA Championships have put a wrap on the annual short course swim season. Whether swimming at the age group club level, in high school or with a college program, the short course season is intense

and requires a lot of energy and effort. Swimmers spend hours in the water and weight room, in addition to keeping up with school activities. They are expected to compete in various events and races week after week, which can be exhausting and tiring. Now that the short course season has ended, swimmers need to take some time to rest and recover before getting back into training for the summer long course season.

Here are five tips on how swimmers can better recover between competitive swimming seasons:

1. Take some time away from the pool

After a long and tiring swimming season, it is important to take some time off to rest and recover. Swimmers should take a break from swimming for a few days or even a week or two. This will give their bodies time to heal and recover from the physical demands of the season.

2. Stay active

While it's important to rest, it's also important to stay active during the off-season. Swimmers can try different types of exercises and activities, such as yoga or cycling, to stay in shape and maintain their fitness level.

It's also great to get in the weight room and start to work on any weaknesses that had been identified during the season, as well as addressing any nagging pains or injuries that might have occurred.